Custom fields not writing to table on mass edit

Hi all,

Second time tying to post this, not sure what happened to the original attempt?

Ive created some custom fields on the contact forms and placed them in editview (synced with detailview). I can populate these fields when i create a new contact and in edit view, but they then dont display in detailview. The values are not written into the contacts_cstm table at all.

Strangely, if i edit just a single field at a time, the values are written to the table?

Has anyone encountered this before?

Thanks in advance

Still battling with this :frowning: Does anybody have any ideas or can point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance

Do you mean its empty when you try to mass update all contacts at once? Take a look at your log file.

Hi thanks for the reply, no sorry i mean if i try to edit more than one field at a time in a contact record. If i edit one field it works fine, edit multiple fields and it just does nothing. I will check the log file thanks

In Debugging check if any Material related BAPI FM’s are getting triggered.If yes,check if any related BAPI structures needs to be updated with the Z fields and read the studybay reviews. Good luck!