Custom fields not displaying correctly in PDF Templates


I have created a couple custom textarea fields in the Quotes module. But when they are printed to the PDF Quote template it only populates the field with the first word of custom field. No matter what format I enter the content in the field, it always only shows the first word, whether it is 5 letters or 20 letters long.

How can I fix this so that the full content is displayed?

This is most frustrating.

You need to provide you system info and SuiteCRM version, devs or other people need to replicate your situation

best regards

My apologies Mikebeck.

The SuiteCRM is installed on a Linux server with Godaddy and PHP 5.6, the SuiteCRM version number is 7.7.8. As far as I know it was a standard install with no errors during installation. Everything else appears to be working fine.

Is there any other information needed?