Custom fields in demo?


I am looking for new CRM for me and wanted to check how to add custom fields.

  1. It seems to me that this is done by programming only? Not from GUI? Is that so? Is there any documentation with sample code on that?

  2. Does it mean that I cannot test that on ?

  3. Can I add a section to an existing module? That would “group” new custom fields?

  4. Also, I would like to know if I can add new fields to each attendee of an event. For example, checkbox “is attending” and also “number of people” that is in fact coming with that particular attendee. And finally, I would like to have a sum of the “number of people”. Is that possible?

Thank you


Demo version do not allow you to enter administration area.
You should try this one instead:

But you should try in a local webserver as demos are just demos and there is always a limitation somewhere!

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thanks and the custom fields questions?