Custom field values across modules

How can I use the value of a custom field from one module in another module?

Say I create a custom field called JobType in the Opportunity module. Now I would like the value of the JobType to appear in the Contracts and Invoice modules. I’ve tried creating the JobType field in each of those modules with identical names and system label but when I add the field to the modules they remain blank and don’t show the value entered in the Opportunity module.

What am I missing here?

No. When you create a custom field, it is related to the module that you creeated it in.

If you create an Accounts>CustomField then the values will be related to Accounts
If you create a Leads>CustomField then the values will be related to Leads

A search through the forums will always help, please try that often.
There’s a specific forum thread for the issue you describe, with different solutions, including one from a post of mine, here:

Please try reading that. I recommend you go through Logic Hooks, it’ll open you many possibilities in the future.
Using Logic Hooks allow you to manipulate anything you want in a DetailView, EditView or ListView of a module. You can even populate your fields using data from other modules, which I believe is what you want to do.

I hope this helps. Cheers.

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Thanks Webber. I did try a search but came up with nothing - probably didn’t use the correct terminology.

I’ll look at the link you provided and work thorough it from there.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.
If needed, I can provide you some sample code.
Best regards, Celso.

Hi Webber could you give me some sample code to achieve this?