Custom field type, which shows related contact field

Hi! I created module in a module builder, and it has one to many relationship with contact. In “Detail View” contact is shown as a link with contact first and last name. Is there a way to embed more information from contact, like phone, address, and other fields? Something like a “computed” fields, that shows fields from related contact? If there is no add-on like that, is there some good guide how to create custom field type programmatically?


You can create non-db fields in the custom module for-example phone_work
Then create an after_retrieve logic hook in your custom module

In this logic hook load the related contact and place the values from contact into your custom module bean

Another option will be to create simple fields in the custom module. Then use workflow or before_save logic hook to copy the values from contact module to custom module

There’s also calculated fields which you can use from Workflows

And my own add-on for more super-charged possibilities: