Custom Field on Quotes Line Item

Guys, I need to add a custom field in the line item on quotes. I already tried to look at other posts.But didn’t find.

I already created the field in the table and already modified the line_items.js but the field are no recorded in the table.

I noticed that at the time of recording in the array $post_data on AOS_Products_Quotes.php the field are showing but appears valueless.

Can anyone help me?

the field on the line needs to be formatted correctly, with the appropriate key prefixing it, and with the line number set properly

i.e. if you add field ‘my_field_c’ on the product line it should show as:-

<input type='text' name='product_my_field_c[" + prodln + "]' id='product_my_field_c" + prodln + "'>

Hi matt, thank you for your reply.

I has added exact like you said.

l.innerHTML += "  ";

didn’t work.

Matt, I passed the prefix product_ on field. Now it’s work perfect.

thank you!