Custom-Field in Global Search dont't work


I use no AOD and I want to add a custom-field from accounts to normal global search.
Many tutorials says that I have to add code to custom/Extension/modules/Accounts/Ext/Vardefs/…customfield.php

But in my directory is no .php-file for the required field.
I have only many “override_sugarfield[fiedname].php”-files and some “sugarfield_[fieldname].php”-fields for other custom fields.

Whats wrong there?

I use suitecrm 7.11.6

I’ve tried various things from formus in hours but nothing works for me.

Can anyone tell me what would be the right way to make a custom field global searchable in suitecrm 7.11.6?

The way with customize files in \custom\Extension\modules\Opportunities\Ext\Vardefs\sugarfield…php
and \custom\modules\Opportunities\metadata\SearchFields.php

don’t works for me.

Or is there possibly an issue in my installation?

Can you find the definition of your custom field somewhere under custom/Accounts ? Probably in a vardefs file.

And can you find it in a SearchFields.php or searchdefs.php under that same directory (custom/accounts)?

If so, please post here those files

During my test I have created a new customfield in the module to test if there is an other behavior as with old customfields.

Repair and Rebuild -> and suddenly I have a SerachFields.php in /custom/moduls/[module]/metadata which was not there before.

I customized the override_sugarfield[customfield].php in /custom/Extension/…/Vardefs with the line
$dictionary = array (‘labelValue’ => ‘DISPLAY_NAME’,‘unified_search’ => ‘true’,

-> And suddenly all works…

Hours of trying and testing… Puuh
No idea why I had no SearchFields.php before.