Custom field data types


I’ve created a call type and sub type in the Calls module and set the data type as dynamic drop down thinking this might allow some validation, but I don’t think its going to work as i’d hoped or I possibly don’t understand how it works :huh:

However is there anyway to change the data types of these fields back to just a simple drop down list?
It has been suggested making the relevant changes in custom/modules/Calls/Ext/Vardefs but can’t find a list of the relevant datatypes

The behaviour doesn’t seem any different at the moment but that might be down to my set up…


dynamic dropdowns work with a parent dropdown field

For example

Dropdown = Type
dropdown list item names
- Type_1
- Type_2
- Type_3

To get the dynamic dropdown to react on the dropdown you must relate the options

For example

Dynamic Dropdown = Sub Type

dropdown list item names

  • Type_1_X
  • Type_1_X
  • Type_2_X
  • Type_2_X
  • Type_3_X
  • Type_3_X

In this example there are 2 “subtype” for each “type”

When adding a dynamic dropdown remember to add the field name of the parent into Parent field - for custom fields don’t forget the _c

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Thanks, makes sense. I’ll have a play!

Thanks for your example, it’s now working a treat :slight_smile:

Thanks for the good information.

This doesn’t work for me. After saving and deploying, whether I pick Type_1, Type_2, or Type_3 on the parent field of the form, all 6 choices appear on the child dropdown. I was hoping that if I picked Type_2 on the parent, only the choices begining with Type_2_ would appear on the child dropdown. I was sure to include the _c of the Parent’s field name when I entered that as the child’s parent.

When I specify a type of DropDown, I don’t see any place to specify a subtype. Should I?

Maybe I’m misunderstanding what a dynamic dropdown is supposed to do.



Hi bobdc

Couple of questions to help find the issue

  • Is the child dropdown field type = dynamic dropdown?

  • Is the dynamic dropdown “Parent Field” completed?

Check this post of mine that explains how the dynamic dropdown works here


It turns out that I had done everything right and all I needed was your third step: Quick Repair and Rebuild.

Notwithstanding, yours was definitely the clearest explanation of how to do this on the forum.