Custom Development Roadmap? SuiteCRM right for us? SugarCRM? Vtiger? Quickbooks Dropbox Integration

We are working on the design for a custom CRM+Workflow+Order Management/Invoicing application for a service business that is currently using CapsuleCRM, Webmerge, Dropbox, and Quickbooks (online version) in a disjointed fashion. We are trying to integrate everything (except accounting) into one solution but will need some integration with Quickbooks (online version.) We also need:

  • Tight integration with DropBox for a cusom workflow application based on downloading/uploading documents within a CRM case with certain business rules on which documents to display. This currently also utilized Webmerge to insert web form data onto PDF forms that go into Dropbox.

  • Ability to use a CC email address to embedd email conversations into CRM cases (this usually a given but I haven’t verified yet if CE does this?)

  • Ability to design a new dashboard from scratch that has more of a project management feel showing % complete for each open cases based on document workflow status, etc., etc. Very custom.

We were going to write the app from scratch but figured there is so much overlap with existing CRM solutions, why reinvent part of the wheel?

I’ve actually liked what I’ve read so far in various forums about SuiteCRM versus Vtiger and SugarCRM. SugarCRM the community edition doesn’t seem to work with many of the plug ins and the interface is ugly. Vtiger has a better interface but a much smaller community of developers.

Nothing is impossible as far as integration as long as there is an API but we are trying to minimize the amount of code we have to develop and support from scratch. Specifically, it looks to me like unfortunately there isn’t a Quickbooks (online version) connector for SuiteCRM (that I have seen), nor tight Dropbox integration. Is this true? The Dropbox integration would probably be an easy custom mod but the Quickbooks could be a significant endeavor.

Any suggestions from a developers perspective as far as a roadmap to follow are greatly appreciated.

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No, there is premium version of Quickbooks (online version) connector for SuiteCRM is available. I can highlight you some in build features for current version here and more features are in pipeline

  1. SuiteCRM Contacts Synced as Customers in QuickBooks.
  2. SuiteCRM Products Synced as Products in QuickBooks.
  3. SuiteCRM Invoice Synced as Invoice in QuickBooks.
  4. SuiteCRM Quotes Synced as Estimate in QuickBooks.
  5. Invoice and Quotes won’t save, if Contact Name not selected.
  6. While Saving Invoice and Quotes to QuickBooks, Contacts and Products also synced along to QuickBooks

You can verify more details here -

This looks interesting.

Is it able to sync with fields in a custom module? For example, Sales Orders (similar to Quotes or Invoices)?

And sync’ing with custom Supply Chain type modules, for example, fields in a Purchase Orders module (also similar to Quotes/Invoices) and fields in a Vendors (Suppliers) module (similar to Accounts but on the Supply side not the Customer side)?

In case you can’t find the integration witch covers all your needs, one of options is to build it by yourself with drag and drop tool like Talend. This way you can tune it exactly as needed.
You can get Suite CRM (look fo SugarCRM, they are compatible) and Quickbooks Online integration tools here: Cloudbee Integrations