Custom DetailView.tpl styling of the panels

I apologize for reposting a topic (old topic) that already exists, but I’ve created this new one in the hope of getting a faster response and/or more information. I’ve customized the detailview.tpl but for my subpanel expandable, it seems like I’ve lost the styling for its title (but Activitities, history, document, etc. at the footer of the page work fine). Is there a solution or another approach I could try?


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Did you try to delete cache/themes folder and QR&R?

Then you could do empty cache and hard reload on the browser page.

Is below helpful?

Admin → Repair

No, it didn’t work. Here a image that show what i mean if maybe can help more. the header should be gray like to the right but in my custom there no color

For now, you could do inspect on browser and find which css block is it. Then add style code for it. I don’t know anything else apart from that, sorry.