Custom db field in Subpanel

Hi everyone,
I’ve added a column in the database and I want to show the field in a subpanel.
This subpanel is the subpanel of a relationship.
I tried this code:

$dictionary[“PS_PS_Agenti”][“fields”][“ruolo”] = array (
‘name’ => ‘ruolo’,
‘type’ => ‘link’,
‘relationship’ => ‘ps_ps_agenti_ps_ps_agenti_2’,
‘source’ => ‘non-db’,
‘reportable’ => false,
‘vname’ => ‘Ruolo in azienda’,

But nothing happened.
Thank you

I’ve also added this code:

'ruolo' =>
    array (
        'name' => 'ruolo',
        'vname' => 'LBL_LIST_RUOLO',
        'width' => '20%',
        'default' => true,

in the ‘list_fields’ array of subpanel layout, but nothing.
obviously i put some dummy data in the field to see if it shows…but nothing