Custom Cases listview do not show custom fields


I’ve create custom fields in Cases module. I added these to listview but only show the original fields none of custom fields.

thanks in advance, sorry for my english.

Did it deploy correctly? Do you see any errors in both your logs?

If you change something else in the list view, like the width of a normal filed (not custom), does it deploy and show changed?

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Thank you pgr,

I do not see any errors in log files. I have reset the listview to default and changed the order of fields, but the changes not show. I have even done the quick repair and nothing changed.


Where exactly are you changing things in Studio?

And on which screen are you looking for the changes?

I am trying to make sure you’re customizing in the correct place. If that’s not the explanation, then there must be a bug… but there should be some error in the logs in that case.

You can also try it on this online demo to see if it works well there:

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I installed other clean SuiteCRM version 7.9.8, I did the same changes and they showed perfectly. Then I updated to 7.10 and I did other changes, but they not showed. I tought a bit, then I reset the user preferences and it worked perfectly.

I do the changes from studio in designs option of the module. I look the changes from main menu -> support -> cases. I not know if this is a issue but this is my explanation.

Thank you very much for your help.