Custom Button under ListView Menu

Dear All,

I wish to added a custom menu under listview menu but it seems like button did not turn up.

Below are the steps i did,

  1. access to modules{case}\metadata\detailviewdefs.php
  2. added the code, 4 =>
    array (
    ‘customCode’ => ‘’,

  1. save the php code and add LBL_PRINT_AS_PDF into modules{case}\language\en_us.lang.php

  1. admin->repair->Quick Repair and Rebuild
  2. open the detail page, custom button is not turn out

Your help will be highly appreciated, thanks.

Hey, a site that I look after has been having EXACTLY the same problem, he is running v7.9.4. I haven’t found a fix for him, however, on other EARLIER versions of Suite when this has happened I have set ALL file/folder permissions to 777, run an Admin Quick repair and rebuild and then reset file/folder permissions to the accepted Suite defaults and it has created the menu listing

On the LTS version 7.8.7 I have implemented this type of custom menu link multiple times WITHOUT a problem, although now and again it has required an Admin Repair/rebuild

Hope this helps

Probabbly is the same problem of this topic

Thanks all, I’ve resolved this. There is a another file being generated under custom\module. Just added button line of code under modules{case}\metadata\detailviewdefs.php will do.

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