Custom Authentication and Subpanel Filter

Hi everyone,

I am working on developing my own user authentication method which uses Microsoft Graph API. This method extends the existing SugarAuthenticate and SugarAuthenicateUser. I was able to login the user that way, but then when I am testing to see if the users is actually log in, I notice these subpanel filter which looks like this.

I am 50% sure I forgot to load something (what did I forget to load?), and 50% wishing that these are new features, which is kind of nice.

This is the loadUserOnLogin method extended from SugarAuthenticateUser

public function loadUserOnLogin($name, $password, $fallback = false, $params = array()) {
        global $mod_strings;
        global $login_error;
        $user_id = $this->authenticateUser($name, $password);
        return true;

I also called postLoginAuthenticate from SugarAuthenicate.

Any idea?

Those tabs in your subpanels are a complete novelty to me. Is it possible that your system is running custom code, or add-ons, that you don’t know about?

The only add-on that I installed was the patch from SuiteCRM. The second screenshot is part of 7.10-7.11/include/Subpanel/SubpanelTiles.js

Are those js doing what they are suppose to do or did I messed something up with my custom authentication that it is not behaving correctly.

Thanks for all the help!

Sorry, I still don’t know where to find that. Which screen do you go to, to get those screenshots?

And if you look at the same screen in the live demo, does it look the same?

Hi pgr,

Thank you for the response, it cannot be reproduced in a normal circumstance. What happened was we have decided to create a new workflow and use Microsoft Graph to log-in the user (with that, hopefully, we can also sync email and calendar using their API!). I injected code to authenticate the user, so it bypassed all the built-in authentication process, including the user wizard, and then the subpanel group appears!

Now, I have directed the user to use the user wizard when an account is created for the first time, the subpanels also disappear! I didn’t do anything to the Javascript, so I am not sure what happened.

But it seems the scripts are there, just not used. I hope that make sense.

I may be talking nonsense, but if you refer to the tabs, they are set up in profile in Layout Options (checking the box “Subpanel Tabs:”). They will show subpanel guides related to the module menus

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Adriano_ABC is absolutely correct, I have not discovered this feature before, lol

I search the code for “screening”, “intake”, and I find nothing. I really don’t know where that is coming from…

this is related to the menus where they contain data related to the modules. That is, “screening”, “intake”, are personalized menus in admin.

Yes, Adriano is correct.

Ok, thanks for the clarification.

And so back to your original problem. Do you see any errors in suitecrm.log, in php_errors.log or in your browser’s developer console?

I think my problem has been resolved. By running the user setup wizard, the user’s preference is set correctly when a new account is created. Thank you all for the help and me making this confusing.