Custom Audit Module

Hi all,

I want to change the column value of ‘created by’ from user name to first_name and last_name in View Change Log popup. I copied the ‘Audit’ Module in custom/module folder but it is not getting called from anywhere. I don’t want to change it into main module.




Try running a Quick Repair and Rebuild.

I performed repair and rebuild action but no luck.

look at this discussion, if you can get any solution.
Our mates already had a discussion on it, here is the link: Audit module is not working in custom directory

Hi cloudmatricssuitecrm,
Thanks for your response, but this not what I am looking for.
I don’t have to make change in layout, I have to change the value of ‘Changed By’ column. I copied the Audit module in {root}/custom/modules/ and change SQL query in Audit.php, but it is not reflecting any change on view of this module. Same change I made in {root}/modules/Audit/Audit.php and it is working as expected. But I don’t want to make any change in {root}/modules/Audit/Audit.php