Custom administration section

I’m trying to create in the administration section of CRM a section to set some configurations of a new custom module of mine… I can’t find where and how I can insert the code.
I saw that /custom/Extension/modules/Administration/Ext/Administration I can insert a php file describing the sections but I only got there by inspecting the code…
Any help?


Here is the documentation about how extension framework works for module level as well as application level.
This may help you

Regarding options in admin area. You can find some cod hint at modules/Administration/metadata/adminpaneldefs.php

then analyzing other plugins I discovered that in /custom/Extension/modules/Administration/Ext/Administration should be put the directives for the creation of labels and links in the administration, then the links refer to the custom view where to make our settings for the module connected. I report my example of file

$admin_option_defs = array();
$admin_option_defs['Administration']['gn_note_plus'] = array('Administration', 'GN_NOTE_PLUS_CONFIG_SUB1', 'GN_NOTE_PLUS_CONFIG_DESC', './index.php?module=gn_note_plus&action=settings');

$admin_group_header[] = array('GN_NOTE_PLUS_CONFIG', '', false, $admin_option_defs, 'GN_NOTE_PLUS_CONFIG_TITLE');