Custom Action Button to Pull data


I have created a custom module for my master data and want the master data to be pulled into another custom module field with the help of a button.

Can someone please help me how can I make it a success.

Thanks in advance.

@farsight, please, give me some more detail.
You want pulled all fields from one module to another?
You want to make relationship between records of different modules?
You want to see result without reload page?
May be something else…

Hello Konetskiy,

I want to pull data from a specific field from one module to another.
No relationships are required.
For e.g. I just want the data from one of the TextArea field from one module to be pulled into a TextArea field into another module.


  1. Make customCode for your field or button (editview or detailview) to see for example: ‘modules/Calls/metadata/editviewdefs.php’.
  2. Make the function in file ‘controller.php’ of you source module to see for example: ‘modules/Contacts/controller.php’ . You should make name of function to use format: ‘action_<your_function_name>’
  3. You can call the function from your customCode to use link: ‘index.php?module=<module_name>&action=<your_function_name>&…’.

That would be based on selection of a Related Record ? if yes then you should check for
populate_list and field_list key settings for related field. This will pull data on selection of the related record into the mapped field.

For reference check

Please find attached the screenshot of the Master Module Field (from which I want to pull the data) and the Another Module Field (in which I need to pull the data).

Data pulling is a one way process as I would again like to Edit the data in the module filed in which I am pulling it in.

Hope I am now clear on my query.


Please ignore the images shared previously as it might be confusing. The ones attached will not confuse.

The Master Module Field here is “EXCLUSIONS” (in the 1st image)

The Module filed in which I want the data to be pulled in (2nd image) which should be a one way pulling in function so as I can edit the data after pulling in.

If you want do it in backend you can use logichook after_save (see documentation:
You will have data of saving record in $bean parameter and you should know record where you want to copy this data.
Is it OK for you?