Custom accept terms checkbox which records the date too possible?

Is that something that is possible to create in the Studio?

The reason is that:

  1. I do not want to necessary expose the CRM system to the public eye.

  2. I have t attempted to get “lawful basis” to work Lawful basis - how to get it working? but it just doesn’t well as it exposes the system to the internet which is sort of a security issue in my mind. The problem with this anyway is that SuiteCRM will send a “opt-in email” which then exposes the system to the public when it is used for web capture forms on your website as users are redirected to the CRM in the final stage.

3.) By using a custom check box we could get around this security issue of exposing the CRM system by the user just clicks the webform’s “accept term” and hit submit which then will be recorded as a “checked” and a date and they don not have to confirm on a link.

So is possible and if so, how can it be done in Studio - or is this a way more complex which requires custom coding?

Thanks in advance.
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sorry the question is not very clear, it would help if you could clarify from the end user perspective, the person would confirm signing up to your mailing list?

in terms of security, i’m not sure that exposing URL of your suitecrm instance is a big security issue otherwise they wouldn’t build the “web to lead” functionality

Hi Robert. :smirk:

Thanks for replying.

Well I mean if you could make a check box that record the time of consent and that the user accepted the terms without it requires the user to be redirected to the CRM system.

Well the best security is the one that you do not know about right?
Pretty much the same here. If people on the internet do not know your CRM system exists and the address to it then it is much better, right?

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