Currency values do not refresh after changing conversion rates

When changing currency conversion rates, values are not being re-calculated. We updated our exchange rates, we have USD as the base currency, but entering opportunities in Australian dollars. After changing rates, viewing an individual opportunity would show the correct amount in Australian Dollars, but the incorrect amount when viewing all opportunities.

If I edit the opportunity and make any change and hit save, the calculation refreshes and shows correctly.

Please fix this bug by refreshing calculations any time a currency change is made, whether that be to system or user default currencies, or to exchange rates.

Sorry for my ignorance, I don’t know this part of SuiteCRM very well.

Where do you go to change Currency rates?

It’s a System Admin setting. I guess there are a lot of different behaviours here; for example, Opportunities which are won the base rate I assume you’d not want to change because that may already have been fulfilled?

Would a potential workaround in the meantime be writing a workflow that goes through the Opportunities module and saves each record once (except those Won/Lost) which should update the calculation?

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That’s a great point, I hadn’t thought about that.

I’m a new user, haven’t started playing with workflows yet. I tried doing a mass update to all opportunities, adding a new field and just populating it with a date. That didn’t seem to work.

Is a workflow triggered ‘save’ going to have a different result?