Currency Symbol is wrong in Export CSV

Different currencies show in the same currency symbol in Export CSV.

For example, one opportunity’s Amount is based on USD($) , the other opportunity’s Amount is based on EUR(€). It’s exactly right when these two currency symbols show in the list view, but the symbols both show as ‘$’ in Export CSV from list view.

Is anyone can help fix the problem?

Have you looked at the produced CSV in text mode, or did you open it in Excel? It might be Excel that is adding the currency symbol.

Probably in the raw data you have a field to indicate the currency, and then a field to indicate the amount.

You can also make a simple test which is to try and export 2 Opportunities, with different currencies, then delete the two Opportunities form SuiteCRM, then Import them from the exact file that was exported earlier. If the currencies appear correctly, then the import/export code is correct.

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I don’t think the error is in the Export function – or if it is, it’s the same code used by Reports.

We have basically the same issue with 7.11.7:

In a contact-based table (“Candidates”), we added a field for Currency_id, along with several Currency type fields to hold salary/rate information for that candidate.

In the Candidate record, all looks and functions just fine – the data is saved as entered each time:

Similarly, in the list view the currency is correct for each candidate, regardless of currency selected:

However, the first incorrect currency amount occurs on doing a simple report:

On going back to the individual Candidate record or to the Candidates list view – everything remains correct there, yet the Report currencies are not right.

Further, when exporting, the amount remains with the wrong currency symbol, as well as exporting an odd string for the currency_id field:

The correct export would reflect what is seen both in the List view and the individual record view, and should look as follows:

But, it is not so (I edited the above to show what it should look like).

I’m at a loss to explain this – for now, we may need to do reports by printing from the List view … or manually checking all our exported/reported figures. It’s a bit tiresome!

Any help would be very much appreciated. Not adverse to a bit of php tinkering :whistle:



Your screenshots aren’t showing… can you fix that please?