Currency conversion error - calculated fields

Hi all,

I have created a very simple workflow (“Calculated Fields”) on opportunities > For us, the “weighed value” of an opportunity = the amount on this opportunity * probability and has been set up as follows:

Euro has been set up as base currency in our system. When I create an opportunity in Euro, the above set up logic is triggered correctly:

But, when I try to create an opportunity in USD, the calculated value misbehaves in a very optimistic way:

Did I do something wrong with my workflow setup, or did I discover a glitch in SuiteCRM?

Oh yes, before you ask it: yes, I think I have set up the currency conversion correctly…

Update: it seems it has to do with formatting. When I take " " instead of “.” as separator for thousand, and “.” instead of “,” as separator for decimals, everything works fine…