Currencies in reports

Hi everyone,
I’ve seen that I can add currencies and exchange rates in suite - works pretty good in the UI and as expected.

But: I’d like to have a report summing up all (open) opportunities. Report seems to work, BUT: if I change the currency setting in my user profile, the report still shows the same amounts without any re-calculation:

Note: I’ve set the exchange rates to something like 3 and 4. There should definitely be a difference between sterling and usd.

Did I miss something while creating the report?

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sorry, forgot to mention:
Im using 7.10.21


dont want to be annoying - should I create an issue on github instead?

There are Two Fields for Amount in Opportunities,

  1. Opportunity Amount -> Unconverted amount of the opportunity
  2. Amount -> Formatted amount of the opportunity

First value will remain the same as inputted, no matter what you set as currency in the Profile. The second one considers currency of the Opportunity record to process and show the values. You have to use proper currency while saving the Record.

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many thanks!
ofc I chose the wrong amount-field for my report, everything works like a charm now.