CSS - Style.css tidyup with glossary, chapters and notation

Was asked to look at customising a mates suiteCRM page and was a little lost at where to begin.
Seems to be several dicussions on theming and lack of options.
Thought, seeing as I was trawling the CSS for the mate I would try and reassemble style.css in a more orderly fashion with notation.
Taking longer than I thought, gee’s theres a lot of screen resolution variables :slight_smile:

Anyway, thought I would be put my starting file up and se if any interest from others cause it’s not going to give me satisfaction if doing for myself.
I’m only amateurish and welcome feedback.

Again it’s not complete just a proposition

Let me know




Kudos to you for attempting this!

I made a bunch of my own CSS changes when 7.9 was initially released, mainly to make Suite P more compact. I was a relative CSS newbie, but a weekend of using Chrome’s “inspect” facility and tweaking the underlying CSS code really improved my understanding of how everything works.

I may be wrong, but the style.css file may have a bunch of old stuff in there, which has just grown and gotten out-of-hand, over time. Any effort to correct this is a good thing, but as that main style file is so large, you could possibly end up being overwhelmed or just getting bored. What you are doing is no small job!

You might want to mention your efforts to SA, as they will be making some major CSS changes in future SuiteCRM releases. If what you are doing can be coordinated with their changes, that would be a win for everyone!

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Remember style.css is a file compiled from SASS. The original is style.scss and you should make your changes there, and then compile.

This might be irrelevant for personal use, but if you’re trying to make changes that could be incorporated into SuiteCRM then this is a “must”.

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Thanks for the heads up

Hi @integr8d,

SuiteP is built from a set of Sass files. Each sass file represents a component in the application. the two main files are style.scss and variables.scss. style.css builds into style.css.

Have you seen our 7.10 preview?


Also, if you want to contribute back to the project, please refer to the information on our github page:

Thanks B)

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The original SASS files can be seen here:


Start with style.scss, inside that you can see a lot of imports from the other files in that directory. This makes it hard to move parts of CSS from one import file to the other…

Also a quick SASS compilation tutorial:

The variables file is important to configure the styles:

You can compile using the following commands in your SuiteCRM instance:

composer install
./vendor/bin/pscss -f compressed themes/SuiteP/css/style.scss >  themes/SuiteP/css/style.css