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CSS-Problem Upgrade 7.9.14 nach 7.10

Während des Upgrade (Dateien kopieren) wird plötzlich die Anzeige zerstört. Löschen der Inhalte des Cache-Verzeichnisses und Änderung in config.php bei default_permissions bringt nichts. Hat jemand eine Idee?

Danke vorab.

Can you please post the contents of your upgradeWizard.log?

If it has old upgrades, don’t include that part. Just the part with this upgrade attempt. Thanks

Sorry it’s not possible for me to upload a file. Attachments below is not working.

I found a hint regarding access rights and tried chmod -R 775 ./cache/themes. Then the CSS works fine.

Best regards


you can upload in and post the link here.

I would appreciate it if you do it, despite already having a solution, since I need to gather info about this, it keeps happening and I still don’t know why. Your fix doesn’t work for everybody, I’m afraid…



Please download the log from here:

Password: suitecrm

The link is available until 2018-03-10.

Best regards,

Thanks! ButI’m afraid I tried accessing that link yesterday, and then again today, but it just times out, I can’t get to the file…