Crowdfund new features and fixes

There are several features I’d like added and issues I’d like fixed.

I’m hoping we can crowdfund this programming and then ‘donate’ the code.

Is there an official way to do this?

I’m thinking about creating a topic such as:
CROWDFUND: Make smarty work in PDF’s
In the topic, users can post a willingness to contribute, we can discuss requirements, and programmers can quote the project.

Not only would this lower programming costs, but it should also create more ‘rounded’ features that are applicable to many companies, rather than being specifically tailored to one users’ needs.

Any thoughts?

I like the idea, and I will try to get it discussed internally. i don’t think it’s very easy to pull off, I can see this getting confusing in many ways. But maybe the process could be experimented, and then we could improve it with time!

Thanks for suggesting - please don’t expect anything immediate, since this team has their hands quite filled for some time…