Cronjob not running after migration

  1. OS: Ubuntu 22.04
  2. It’s hosted on a VPS and I have SSH access.
  3. It’s using HestiaCP with NGINX and PHP 8.2, without Apache.
  4. I have the cronjob correctly configured as shown in the following image:
    , but it does not run when checked in Admin > Scheduler. I can’t find any errors in logs or failures in the cron execution either.
  5. I have followed every recommendation I found on forums without any effect on the execution. It is validated that the user is correct and is in the config.php list. I have used all the repair options in SuiteCRM and additionally verified the permissions according to the installation documentation and as requested there.

Hello Alexander,

What happens, when you run your cron job command, just from the SSH command line?

cd /home/...web/crm..../public_html/public/legacy

first change into the directory where your cron.php is located.

sudo -u www-data php -f cron.php

Execute PHP as the www-data user (or your webserver user) with the cron.php file.

Does it run then?
You should see it in the audit protocol of the task ‘Process Workflow Tasks’:

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A suggestion
Can you check your allowed_cron_users parameter in the config.php and make sure it has the same user that runs the cron. remove this allowed_cron_users array to skip this check

Hello BastianHammer, thank you for your help, this led me to the solution.

In the step of running sudo -u www-data php -f cron.php, I finally see an error that I can fix. It showed me that the exec() function was not enabled.

I enabled it in the PHP.ini and this was the final solution to the whole problem.

Now I see the cron updating with the expected frequencies.