Cron on hosting server with task scheduler

Hi dear I’m new to Suite CRM, so excuse me if something in my question can be not correct.

I try to install Suite CRM in a linux hosting server. I have no right to use ssl and I cant run cron process.
The hosting admit to use Task scheduler , so I can call e url for example each 30min.
BUt is there a way to convert Suite CRM cron proces to a task sceduler call

During installation I receive this message

To Setup Crontab
In order to run SuiteCRM Schedulers, edit your web server user’s crontab file with this command:
sudo crontab -e -u ID19576604
… and add the following line to the crontab file:

          • cd /web/htdocs/; php -f cron.php > /dev/null 2>&1

You should do this only after the installation is concluded.

If I try to call the script with browser I obtain : cron.php is CLI only.

So is there a way to convert cron execution to page calling?
Thanks a lot

I look for a lot. After this I create a custom version of cron.php file and I comment this

/* comment this lines/
$sapi_type = php_sapi_name();
if (substr($sapi_type, 0, 3) != ‘cli’) {
sugar_die(“cron.php is CLI only.”);

I call script by browser and in administration > scheduler all the scrits run so I think it work
Any suggestion?