Cron Error cron.php: expected allowed_cron_users entry in config.php

Hi, suitecrm.log is being spammed with this line
cron.php: missing expected allowed_cron_users entry in config.php. No cron user checks will occur

I can’t find any entry for allowed_cron_users in config.

We are using SuiteCRm 7.9

Thanks for your help in advance

A good question is “what did you do to your config.php to make it not have that entry…”

Perhaps you replaced it with a version from an older version of SuiteCRM; or perhaps one of your upgrades didn’t complete successfully… or maybe you have ownerships/permissions problems and SuiteCRM couldn’t update that file.

Anyway, to try and recover from this condition, do you have at least have a cron entry? Here’s a sample of how it could look:

  'cron' =>
  array (
    'max_cron_jobs' => 10,
    'max_cron_runtime' => 30,
    'min_cron_interval' => 30,
    'allowed_cron_users' =>
    array (
      0 => 'www-data',

That www-data is for my case. For your case, it depends on which user your web server is running under. Usually, it will be the same user that owns your SuiteCRM files.

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I do have the entry but no ‘allowed_cron_users’ entry

‘cron’ =>
array (
‘max_cron_jobs’ => 10,
‘max_cron_runtime’ => 30,
‘min_cron_interval’ => 30,

sould I add the missing line and array?

Yes. Make a backup first. And make sure you get the delimiters right :sweat_smile:

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Thank you for your help. looks like this was indeed the issue.

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