CRM use case for Digital Marketing Agency

We have been using vTiger for some years now and have found it incredible.
However, we are now growing and we need to start making the CRM do what we need it to do in the code which is something we cannot do on a hosted option.

As Eli The Computer Guy would say, “Changing CRM is the 19th layer of hell” so I need to damn sure before we make this move. Here’s my requirements

  • CRM and Google Apps (Gmail, Calendar, Drive etc) must be seamless. We move from device to desktop and back all the time and this is the one major issues we’ve had with vTiger
  • We’re doing a lot of e-commerce now and we need to be able to integrate with WooCommerce and Magento. SugarCRM has a plugin for WooCommerce which is the main reason I started looking at it until I came across SuiteCRM with all Sugar’s limitations
  • Migration from vTiger to SuiteCRM needs to be doable.
  • We want to be sure that there is some kind of API that allows Suite to talk to other systems like Trello’s API

I will add some more to this over time but those are the main points for now and would appreciate some feedback on this.

Thank you in advance.

In the case of digital marketing agency the use of CRM is important for streamlining operations for business especially when magento is integrated with an ERP like MS Dynamics AX