crm update task edit page


I want to update and customization task edit page.
but after some time it will destroy all my changes, so how can i customization and override task edit pages.

Please help me.

Hello Vijay,

Can you specify, what customization you did and is it via Studio or you have modified any specific file and what changes you did.
Because if you change the file that is based on the extension framework file. You must write in a specific directory (Extension). It will be rebuilding your .ext file every repair. for more info about extension framework.


I have done so many changes in cache/themes/SuiteP/modules/Tasks/EditView.tpl files but i will be override if i do any activity from admin section.

You should not change in the cache folder. As it is a folder for caching only. Every time you do a quick repair it will rebuild those files.

Then what should i do, please help me for override the files.


As said in the previous thread, You should not customize any file in cache folder it will be removed during template cleaning.
I would suggest go through the developer guide for the directory structure.