CRM Installation

Hi I am trying to install SuiteCRM on my website but I am not able to install. When I click on next nothing is happening.

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Have a look at this post please

and give us some more info so we can help you!

Hi pgr,

Thanks for reply, well I have a web server on bluehost on shared hosting. I have not root permission on that server, however I have given the permission as per documented. when I install suitecrm where there is an option to put database name and other credential, I am not able to going forward from there. I had tried with manually create a database on MYSQL and create a new user with full access for that database, but there is no luck. Also there is no error on that page for any troubleshooting.



You still haven’t told me which versions you’re using. This might not mean much to you but it means something to me.

You haven’t checked your logs, so I don’t know if there are any errors that might give us helpful clues.

SuiteCRM 7.10.6

Listen, I am about to give up on helping you if you don’t start making an effort. I can’t guess your problems. I am not going to write more than 3 posts for you asking for information. If I ask for 5 things, please tell me those 5 things, not one.