CRM Edit Function for Sales

I am having an issue with editing Opportunities inside Suite even as admin. When I edit and try to save the changes it gives me this error message:

I don’t know if settings were changed inadvertently somewhere but it was working fine before.

Look at your server logs to see what that error is.

If the server is slow or hanging, I would also check for overgrown tables by running the first query from this post in phpMyAdmin:

I will get an IT person to look at that. It also will let me edit a record which was created from our website but not a record which was created in Portal.

Just a thought, Can you run Repair/Rebuild from admin as see that you get a query to run at the end of it. Try to execute that query and then check Opportunities save.
Guessing it might be due to DB field missing.

Thank you. I tried that and it only returned this msg:

Database tables are synced with vardefs

Does enabling Audit in settings have any impact?

After running the query, Now when you Edit and save Opportunity, does that save properly or still getting 500 error?

Unfortunately that did not work. Made several attempts. Thank you though.

You must see in error.log . Have you installed third party packages? after which the error started to appear?

Okay so here it what is show why its failing. In your index.php file, please add following lines.


This will show the error and reason why its failing.

That is above my skill level. Will it show the reason or will it fix it?

It will print out the error/reason which is causing the page to break. if you have any developer resource, he/she might get it sorted quickly.