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CRM ecommerce integration e.g. Suitecrm and Virtuemart


I expect more not less integration between systems over time such as CMS, CRM, ecommerce out to marketing, social media, etc.

This post is about better integrating between Suitecrm 7.5.x and VirtueMart 3.x. Specifically linking orders made in Virtuemart regarding customer and products and sync it likely via Suitecrm AOS module, for creating company (if B2B), contact (B2C) and related opportunities inclusive of products.

Is the premise above understood. If so, has anyone prior experience in doing so or is there a plugin for it?

If I am to set it up, where might the integration instructions be found. Googling virtuemart suitecrm or crm doesn’t uncover anything except the challenges of doing so.