CRM become slow and crashed

We have a CRM installed for our website, we are facing loading issue into it from last 2-3 days. can anyone help into this.
We have a large number of records and heavy data, it’s about 2 GB, is this the case of loading or crashing issue ??

post your system’s config and versions, how long is this happening? after an upgrade? after a migration? did you check your logs? please define “crash”

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Hello Mike, Thanks for your quick response!!
we have upgraded the Suite CRM before 2 month and it was working fine after that and we have’t changed anything since last 1 month.

Suddenly it stopped working since last 3-4 days.

what system config you required??

we are using Suite CRM 7.6.4 at the moment and database is MYSQL. we have dedicated hosting for our website and CRM.

please check your logs, suitecrm’s logs and webserver’s logs. check if your files are with the proper file permissions, what’s your php version?

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same here.

After one of the last update to 7.4 or 7.5 the system is really slows down. Loading the first activity after login usually needs ~ 10 seconds for loading for e.g. the accounts module. After closing all tabs in browser and loading the CRM again (already logged in with active session) the problem is the same. > 10 seconds loading time for the first click in the crm.

Any ideas?

Thank you

I’ve seen someone relating slow system with Favorites module, check that, 7.4 and 7.5 are very old versions, try to update your system

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I already have updated to 7.8, same problem.

I deselected all my favourites to test this. Same slow CRM with the first activity.

please, read the second post in this topic, it is important

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