CRM 8 in a production environment?

Is anyone using CRM 8.* in production environment? Is it ready for Production?

We have not yet started using our Suite CRM in our production environment and I was wandering if it would be better to install the latest version of 8 and make the customization’s I have made in 7.12.5 on 8 instead of rolling out 7 and then having to make the switch shortly down the road.



Hi Tony,
I started 3 different projects in parallel with version 8.1.2 and my opinion is that if you are going to deploy to clients who are going to use
the modules of opportunities, requests, quotations, I still suggest going to 7.12.
I also noticed that it takes much longer to respond to requests for data entered in them. Same happens when using the API’s. Result of tests performed in homologation with few users on a Digital Ocean server with 4gb of memory and 2 CPUs. I made comparisons with version 7.12 due to the slowness of 8 and that’s when we came to this conclusion.
We also found numerous interface errors, despite 8 being much more user-friendly.
Again, this is our opinion. Anyway, I still don’t suggest 8.


Thank you very much for the response. I started setting up a 8.2 version last week and was able to get LDAP working on it but ran into problems trying to setup for development.

I need more of an understanding on how things are done in 8.x as the documentation is not completed.