Critical Bug#9023: will it be solved?

Hello, 2 years ago I posted a bug, priority critical, which is still open. The number is bug#9023

MarcoBlancas fixed bug#8336 and probably, he says, also #9023 is solved. If I understand well how it works, only 1 reviewer give the “ok” for accepting MarcoBlancas solution.

So the question is what whould we do to have the solution accepted or tested? Can I do something? I am not good in github and similar, but I’d like to do something for solving this bug that is very important for me.

For this to get merged, it needs a review from one of two people at SalesAgility, if I am not mistaken - the CTO or the Lead developer. This work is not getting done much, so there is a big backlog.

The most you can do to help is to test it and post on the PR (not on the issue) something along these lines: “I tested this and it works for me. I would appreciate it if this was merged when possible. Thank you”

The notion that more people have tested it helps give them confidence that it is safe to merge.

This is exactly what I expected to do, and I would like to try and help with this.
But I am absolutely unaware how to do this.

Can you give me some hint on how to do, or some place where to read instructions?

Thank you

You can (after proper full backups) make the changes in the PR manually, in your files:

Fixed #8336 - bug: Compose Email Page Lacks "FROM NAME" in HTML value… by marcoblancas · Pull Request #9549 · salesagility/SuiteCRM · GitHub

If it works, you can leave the changes there, and that way you don’t have to wait for the PR to get merged, you just have to pay attention in case the changes get overwritten in a future upgrade, and apply them again.

There are other more automated ways of doing this with git, but they’re outside the scope of what I can do here in these forums with the available time.

Nope, it doesn’t work unfortunately.

It might be tricky to get that code to take effect, you’d need a Quick Repair and Rebuild, and all Rebuilds related to JS, and deleting the compiled Smarty tpl from:

  • cache/smarty/templates_c/*
  • cache/themes/SuiteP/modules/Emails/ComposeView.tpl

Did it.

Strange behaviour:

  • cache/themes/SuiteP/modules/Emails/ComposeView.tpl doesn’t exist.
  • when I give quick repair and rebuild it gives me some sql command to execute. I executed them, three ways: by clicking “execute”, by exporting sql in a script file and use mysql client, and by hand directly in a mysql shell. Everytime I press repair and rebuild, appears the same command for syncing the db. No errors on the mysql shell anyway, but no rows affected (Rows:0 Warnings:1), and this is probably why it continues to propose the same commands.
  • Performed “Rebuild Javascript Languages”, “Rebuild JS grouping file”, “RepairJS files”, and deleted cache/smarty/templates_c/*

It works, thanks for the hints.

Is it a problem the disalingment between repair and rebuild and the fact that the db doesn’t have what should have?