Creation of fields

hi, i have the following problem creating a field in lead
C:\xampp\htdocs\SuiteCRM\modules\ModuleBuilder\views\view.modulefields.php on line 109
{“center”:{“title”:“Editar Campos”,“crumb”:"""</a> “”</a> | Estudio</a> > Clientes Potenciales</a> > Campos</span>

\n \n\n</div>\n\n
</div>\ncampo creado en Estudio</h3>\n

can someone help me

Thank you

Are you using Studio to create. Also please let us know your SuiteCRM Version, PHP version and MySQL Version. That helps us help you better.



Did you use anyspecial character in the filed name or in any other part of the field definition?

Things like ', or, " or >