creation of enquiry number in format of Year-zone- Number

Hi ,
Need help to generate auto enquiry number for leads in below format and it should be tracked.

Format : year-zone-number example: 2018-West-0001

Amar yadav

Have you tried a Workflow that uses Calculated Fields to build up that string, and places it in a new, custom field?

Thanks for your response would request you to share me detailed steps or condition which i need to add in to get enquiry no in leads as format mentioned above.

Read the Docs

that page links to a large sub-page with the Calculated Fields:

For your case:

  • in an action, choose Calculate fields

  • put each of the fields as Parameters

  • dont use any relationship parameter

  • add a formula for the destination field, where you want the result, and use a formula like this:

Some text {P0} - {P1}

In a Formula like this, “some text” and " - " go directly into the result, while {P0} will be evaluated to the value in the parameters.

You can use all the available formulas if you need something fancier (like a text function for uppercase, or to test if a value is empty, or to do some calculus).

BTW, I just learned all this myself to write this answer, I had never used this before. So please try things out and play with the available options, you will soon know more than me. :slight_smile: