Creating Submodule on SUiteCRM v7.14


Let’s say I have a module for keeping all the data of employees. And I want to have separate modules (like submodules) to store employees based on their positions. Which will be like filtered view of employees. For example a module named Drivers that will show drivers’ data but not all other employees.
Besides that adding new fields to Drivers module and add relevant data.

Is it possible to create a module based on another module, also add relevant new fields to it?

I think you are taking the wrong approach, there is actually a simpler approach.

Your distinction is just a dropdown, so that you mark each employee as a certain “kind of employee”: drivers, etc.

Then what you can add are separate views or separate subpanels that show your data in a filtered way, using that field.

This can be done with saved filters in List views, for example.

More things can be achieved with bits of custom code, for example, something like this:

That adds “segmented” extra subpanels using custom SQL.