Creating new modules in existing "packages"

From what I gather if you create a couple of new modules in Module Builder and they are in a new Package… when you Save and Deploy you are Deploying the whole Package. From that point on any customization for those Modules that are done in CRM Studio would be overwritten is you added a new Module in the same Package and reDeployed the Package.

So is the rule any new Module you add needs to be created in a new Package to avoid possible resetting of existing custom Modules already deployed?

I guess i am wondering why even have “packages”? Why not just add individual modules? I don’t see any functional reason to group modules in “packages”.

Is this correct?

Hi Steve,

You would make the changes in the Module Builder, rather than in Studio, so that when you re-deploy those changes are inherited/added to the module.



Thanks Will…
So best practices is to change custom modules in the “module builder”… even though you can change it in Studio.
this might have something to do in the below issue … where some custom columns are “in modules” but are not physically in the module table in mySQL.?

OK…for any custom modules originally built in Module Buildler…
if you add columns to it in Studio after initial deployment those columns will be added from GUI point of view BUT they are not stored in the same table
I deleted the custom columns (usually with * next to name) in Studio …then re-added them in Module Builder…then re-deployed.
I checked the mySQL console on the server and now the custom columns show up as expected.

Just curious where the custom columns are stored if you add them in Studio?


in the database there is a table called fields_meta_data in here it lists all fields which have been added via studio to existing modules.