Creating new content painfully slow every x pieces of content

I have a relatively fresh SuiteCRM installation which is working great (yay!) except for one puzzling issue. Every once and a while, when I create a case, it takes minutes for the page to submit and load. It always loads successfully/creates the case if I give it long enough.

I assume there is some kind of maintenance task being triggered? How do I figure out what it is and schedule it to triggered at a more convenient time?

I don’t think it’s a maintenance task, no. This could happen if you have an overgrown database with slow queries. Could that be the case? Did you load up a lot of data?

This is basically a brand new db, I haven’t done any bulk import or anything, there’s approx 15 cases in there and as many contacts and accounts. This test installation running on a linode with 1GB memory and 1 CPU 25GB of disk w/ plenty of disk space to spare. SuiteCRM Version 7.10.27, PHP 7.4. Running on a vanilla Ubuntu lamp stack and SuiteCRM is the only thing on the server.

PHP 7.4 is not supported, you should downgrade to 7.3.

1GB RAM sounds a bit too restrictive to me.

Try the PHP downgrade and tell us if it solves your delays.

Aaah thank you for pointing this out and your help! I’ve downgraded to see if this prevents the lag from happening. And need be we’ll try increasing the RAM to see if that’s the issue.

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Downgrading PHP didn’t fix the issue, and monitoring the CPU/Memory/Disk usage in longview didn’t show any evidence that any of those resources were even close to being exhausted. Examining the SuiteCRM log, it appears that an e-mail configuration for the outgoing email server was causing the problem. Disabling that server seems to have fixed the issue.

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