Creating multiple lead layouts


We want to use SuiteCRM in a callcenter setup. For campaign A we need a lead layout with particular fields and for campaign B we would need other fields. What is the best way to accomplish this? By using the module builder?


There is two option that I can suggest you.

  1. You can use Security Suite Pro version to display Layout based on the Security Group or
  2. You need to do coding to have customized layout to displayed based on specific condition or campaign.

Thanks for you response. I have created a custom module now which seemed like the best solution but it’s a bit buggy. I was looking at security suite pro earlier but i think you can only make custom views with it and not custom fields for different users, am i right? However that might still work since i would simply add every field for every campaign to the leads module and simply hide fields when they do not apply. I’ll take a look, thanks for the tip!