Creating "Groups" of data in Suite CRM

I’m new to SuiteCRM. Our most recent CRM system was called SalesLogix.

I was able to create what was called “Groups” in SL where I could create different “conditions” based on SL fields and then pull particular fields into the layout giving me a Tab or Group that I could go back to at any time in the future with updated data. I could also “Release or share” these groups with other users in my organization as well as export the data to excel.

Is there a Suite CRM Add-On that works similar to this?

Thank you, I appreciate any info.
Jody Seither


  1. You can make roles and security groups for access to records.
  2. If you want have “conditions” for each field you should write custom code. There are several standard for SuiteCRM mechanisms for it.
  3. You can export data to csv format. You can integrate the library for export to Excel, for example:

Thank you so much for the info, I appreciate it!