Creating customized fields in v8.3

Hi, i’m looking for an way to create customized fields in CRM just like the e-mail adition field in Accounts module for example, i’m not allowed to change the php archives of my CRM, so i would like to know if is it possible to do… can someone helps me?

Andy’s reply here should get you going. Let us know if there’s anything in that Admin interface you need additional help with (there’s a lot there).

So, i used the Studio to create custom fields, but it’s limited, i’m trying to find an way to creating fields totally customized, like the e-mail field with a plus icon, or “choose your file to send” field…

By default email addresses are clickable, opening a new mail form. At the bottom of the form is a button to include an attachment. I realize this sequence is backwards from what was requested, but the result is the same, no? If not help me understand the workflow - I like a good layout challenge, and so far SuiteCRM has impressed me with what it can do.