Creating an Activity Report

Hi all,

Have rolled out 7.2.1 and am enjoying the improvements to the reporting module so far, I was wondering if anyone has attempted an Activity Report for all users of the CRM, what I want to be able to do is to see all emails/tasks/calls in a period based.

So far when attempting to do this I have tried the following:

  1. A report based on the User with related emails, calls, tasks. This report looks the most promising however I cannot get emails archived with the outlook plugin to show (not sure if I need to use a different module?).

  2. An individual report for each activity type sorted or filtered by Assigned User - this is less ideal as a number of reports need to be run but at the same time it may give the most complete data - again I cannot see how to report on History/Archived emails.

  3. I am going to have a bit of a play around with attempting to report any activity related to a specific Account/Lead/Contact but I think the first two options are more likely to give good results.

If anyone has any suggestions that would be great, I can upload images if you would like to see my exact configurations.



P.S. Love the ability to set variable conditions, it has made the reports module so usable.

Hi Sam,

The issue is likely that those emails are linked by the email address. This isn’t an explicit relationship so the reporter (in it’s current form) can’t report on this relationship.

I’m not sure that there’s a way round this at the moment short of custom development to explicitly link the emails and contacts.