Creating a section within SuiteCRM for "Vendors"

Hi :slight_smile: I’m new to SuiteCRM so still learning the ropes. I’m reaching out as I’ve been tasked with updating and managing my employer/team’s CRM. For quick insight, we’re:

-video production company
-Looking to market our varied services and keep track of our accounts, leads and varied contacts.

One thing I’m having difficulty finding are resources that discuss how to create vendors in the software? Is this feature at all possible?? And if not is there anyway to seperate the CONTACTS page into sub lists (not looking for a one time filter search)?

What we want to accomplish is the ability to seperate our conatcts into essentially two lists, one for CUSTOMERS + VENDORS. Can someone please help or share any tips?

All comments are welcome and appreciated :slight_smile:

You can crate a custom module from the module builder feature in SuiteCRM.

It would be nice a Vendors module would be added to the basic Suite CRM. Because so many organizations need to track Vendors separately from Customer Accounts.

You’re correct. You could suggest it on their GitHub page about it.


It’s very easy to add a custom field specifying Contact type, and then to list the two types separately with filters.

I’m not saying it can’t be a separate module, I am just saying it’s not that complicated to do from a single Contacts module. And there are some advantages of not separating.