Creating A drop down menu ?!?!?!?!?!

Hello There, I’m using SuitCRMVersion 7.11.10
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

we’re a translation company so we deal with B2B and B2C, so basically we have imported our potential customers either companies or individuals to Leads however, in case we are dealing with companies we need to add a contact information, most often multiple contacts so I want to create a drop down menu to be available when my sales agents view the lead itself after calling them so they can add the contacts information,

I want it to be exactly the same as when adding Activities, so to prompt the user to create contact and then the agent can add the contact name, email, … etc

can you help me to do so ?
looking forward to reading your valuable advice

What you’re describing sounds pretty much like our concepts of Accounts and Contacts, maybe you could just use those?

Or maybe you are already using them for something else? Even so, sometimes a simple status field on Accounts to differentiate between established customers and prospective customers (leads) might be a good way to do tell them apart.

You can also add relationships in Studio, for example, to add a one-to-many relationship from Leads to Contacts, and from Leads to Accounts. But I don’t think it will be easy to manage this structure, after you convert the Leads in to regular customers… it would require custom code to move all these dependencies around.

you’re right, we are using accounts as well for something else
is it possible to create a drop down menu in Leads to create a contact in order to add the person information ?
as I understand the CRM is very flexible with customization

In Studio, Leads module, add a relationship (one-to-many) into module contacts