Creating a Case on Contact no automatic link v7.13.2 vs v8.3.1


In suite 7.13.2 when i am on a ‘Contact’ record and create a ‘Case’ with the ‘Create’ button in the sub panel the case record is automatically linked to the contact record - thus when i refresh the page i can see the Case in the Cases sub panel on the contact page.

I’m trying to replicate this behavior in v8.3.1 but it’s not doing as such, it is allowing me to create the case while i am within the contact record and it certainly puts the case record into the system, but i seem to have an additional step of ‘Linking’ that created case to the contact - Is there any way i can change this so that the created case is linked automatically again?

This should work and possibly it was forgotten when adapting the Cases module to v8.

I suggest opening an Issue for this. Perhaps you should just try it first on the live demo to check that it isn’t a problem specific to your installation.

Just tried on the demo and it’s still giving the same behaviour - After the record is saved the contact record is brought back up but no record link between the case (just shows “no results found.”)

Will raise on GH

Edit ‘’‘Automatic Record Linking on Sub-Panels (Contact & Cases) · Issue #10144 · salesagility/SuiteCRM · GitHub’‘’

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Hi, I am experiencing this behavior on an 8.2 and 8.4 instance of suitecrm. In the demo I confirm it works as desired. Is there a temporary solution to apply in any of these versions? Thanks in advance