Created By field missing from the Leads module

I have looked at the documentation for the Leads module, and the Leads Field List includes a field with the label: Created By: which has a relationship with the Users module.

When I look at my instance of SuiteCRM, in the Leads module, under ‘Labels’, there is a label called ‘LBL_Created:’

When I look in the Leads module, under ‘Fields’ , I cannot find any field containing the word ‘created’. I have looked under ‘Fields’ in the Users module, and also cannot find it there.

I would like to include the ‘Created By’ or ‘Assigned User’ field as part of the Audit log for Leads, but am unable to find either of these fields under Studio>Buyers>Fields

Does anyone know how to include a change of ‘Created by’ or ‘Assigned to’ in the Audit log?

Since this is not a normal field but a relate field you will not find it in the field list in studio.
The only way to audit a relate field I know of is to set up an save hook as described here:

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