Create web2lead


how can I create a contact form and create directly a lead or a contact on suitecrm?


but this need for the form to campaign?
i already found it.

Sorry, I don’t understand.

I see undercampaign it’s the form for subscribe to newsletter.

You can use the Web to Person form without sending out any Campaign. It’s true that the form is associated with a Campaign (you can use a non-email type campaign for that), but what it does is simply provide a space in some website for people to enter data, which then gets saved in SuiteCRM as a Contact, Lead, etc.

So I can use also for web2lead?
is there another way for sync with wordpress with less problem?

I think this is the easiest (apart from using paid add-ons).

And it’s not “sync with wordpress”, it’s only one way - user fills a form in the site, Lead gets created in SuiteCRM.

can you link? my “sync” it’s a form more integrate to my website in wordpress. Nothing more.

:point_up: is this enough for your needs or do you need something more? If so, what?

You can search for add-ons in the SuiteCRM Store .

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I search and I dont find notthing in SuiteCRM Addons, but I found a very utility plugin in Wordpress Community.
It’s called Lead Form Data Collection to CRM
There is also a free version and paid version

I bought paid version and work fine and it’s easy to configure and install.

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